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The Diamond Pantheon

Table of Contents

What is the Diamond Pantheon?
What is the purpose of the Diamond Pantheon?
What are the rules like?
I like this idea. Now what?

What is the Diamond Pantheon?

The Diamond Pantheon is, first and foremost, a story; one that is still in the works.

It has many writers - each player contributes a character, action, motivation, plot.

Each character is a deity: A god, a demon, a son of divine parents, a force of nature or some other being whose power has few limits.

These gods are aware of the existence of other universes - games presided over by other GMs or authors.

The rules of the Diamond Pantheon (which are relatively light and versatile, yet sturdy as a framework) make it possible to connect to those other worlds; they can be influenced by the wars and plotting of gods from higher or distant planes.

What is the purpose of the Diamond Pantheon?

The Diamond Pantheon answers the question "What happens to my character when he becomes a demigod?" and many other questions about the deities of myth and fiction!

The Diamond of Existence encompasses infinite universes of all genres, game systems, and power levels. The best part is that your campaign home world is already a part of it, whether you knew it or not! Represent your campaign world in the shared metamultiverse!

Rules Info

The rules are intended to meet the following criteria:

All skill points, experience points, and gold pieces are rolled together into one currency: Favor. Favor can be owed (and held) by your "everyday" deities as well as by rules-defining Metagods.

Within certain limits, what you say is what you do; and you are amazing at nearly everything!

Your character is defined by specialties (represented by Domains like Strength, Storm, or Darkness) and Tier (relative power level). Everything else is simply up to you - your home base, your world, your philosophies.

You won't ever be penalized for not being online every day. Once every few days is plenty!

I like this idea. Now what?

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